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Jennifer Anne Buckley, of Gothic Art Chicago

This is a web version of our interview with Jennifer Anne Buckley that we featured in the December 2009 issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois. Download the entire issue by clicking here.

Jennifer is the editor in chief of KILTER and creator of Gothic Art Chicago. She is also an artist and photographer currently residing in Chicago. GothicArtChicago.com is an events website and myspace page for the fine arts and music events for the Chicago Dark Art, Fetish, Gothic & Industrial community.

What inspired you to organize Gothic Art Chicago and create KILTER?

I felt the Chicago underground dark arts and music scene needed to be more intertwined.  I thought starting an event website that was also a database of Chicago artists and musicians was a great way to make that happen.   I had wanted to publish a magazine for years, which is also something Peter Propaganda wanted to do.  In April of 2008, we began having meetings and our first issue was released in mid October of 2008.

Other than the quarterly journal, what events do you sponsor or support?

Gothic Art Chicago organizes art exhibits at different local galleries including Framing Mode Gallery, The Nineteen Hundred and One Gallery and Burkhart’s Underground. We are also behind club events at Lucky Number like Dark Sounds every odd Friday, as well as various special events that you can find out about on gothicartchicago.com. We sometimes have art installations at nightclubs during different events which is another way to bring art and music together.

Do you believe Chicago has a vibrant underground scene?

It does, and there has been a bit of a gothic renaissance.  DJ Scary Lady Sarah has been able to fill the Metro with people from the age range of 18 to 40-something for many years at her bimonthly event, Nocturna. Peter has had a number of larger events. The Wax Trax Era! parties fill the Kinetic Playground, and his regular fetish nights that he does with Mistress Xena are always well attended.

If you could change one thing about Chicago’s art scene, what would it be?

I think that there is a lot of talent in Chicago. The main thing I think would improve the scene is if artists took time to promote themselves, their art, and the shows that they are in. This is one of the services that Gothic Art Chicago is providing for our affiliated artist, but we can’t do it all for them. When you look back over art history, people like Dali and Munch were not only talented but vehement self promoters. This is an important part of their success and mystique.  No one will support your art if they don’t know about it.

What appeals to you about the darker side of American culture?

As a child I loved the artwork of Stephen Gammell and the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series. When I was 12, my brother gave me the entire collection of Edgar Allan Poe for Christmas.  Ever since then I have been attracted to the macabre.

What kind of submissions is KILTER looking for, and where can our readers find out more information about GAC or your publication?

KILTER is always accepting art commentary, music reviews, interviews, poetry, short story submissions, articles of local interest, as well as art and comics.   We also have meetings that we organized through meetup.com for writers and artists to attend and discuss what will be in the next issue of the magazine.  For more information go to:


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