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Roads and Bridges

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Airtight Bridge (download the .pdf)
Airtight Bridge, which spans the Embarras River in rural Coles County, was the scene of the gruesome discovery of a woman’s dismembered body in the fall of 1980. A number of other eerie qualities have been attributed to the bridge as well.

Archer Avenue (download the .pdf)
Archer Avenue is perhaps the most haunted road in Illinois. A dozen mystery sites can be found nearby, including Maple Lake, the intersection of 95th and Kean, and Healing Waters Park. Additionally, it is the scene of one of the most famous ghost stories of Illinois: Resurrection Mary.

Ax Man’s Bridge (download the .pdf)
There is nothing peculiar about the concrete bridge along Old Post Road two miles east of Crete, but for years, local teens imagined that this old bridge in Will County was the scene of a gruesome axe murder. Visitors are said to be chased through the woods by a man with an axe.

Blood’s Point Road (download the .pdf)
Blood’s Point Road is home to a haunted bridge and cemetery, both of which have very detailed back stories involving a witch and a few unfortunate events. Recently, Blood’s Point Road (along with this author) were featured in a segment of FEARnet’s “Streets of Fear” series.

Crybaby Bridge (download the .pdf)
This one-lane, steel bridge spanning Cedar Creek three miles northwest of Monmouth is one of many christened a “cry baby bridge” because of its alleged connection to a desperate act of infanticide. Additionally, cars put in neutral on the bridge are said to coast safely to the other side.

Cuba Road (download the .pdf)
Cuba Road is home to White Cemetery, a vanishing house, the legend of a phantom truck, vanishing lovers, and much more! White Cemetery, located on the eastern half of the road, has its spook lights.  Rainbow Road, a side street, formerly had the distinction of being home to an abandoned mansion that some believed was an old asylum.

Death Curve (download the .pdf)
In 1905, Julia Markham murdered her seven children with an ax and burned her house to the ground. Now her ghost is said to haunt this curve in Timber Ridge Road. Locals blame accidents along the curve on her tortured spirit.

Dug Hill Road (download the .pdf)
A horrible lack of planning sent us in a wild goose chase for southern Illinois’ oldest ghost story. This road is said to be haunted by the ghost of a lawman from the Civil War, a spectral wagon, and even a boger or two!

Lakey’s Creek (download the .pdf)
Lakey’s Creek is home to southern Illinois’ very own headless horseman, and there may be more truth to this story than first appears. It is one of the oldest ghost stories in Illinois. Today, a concrete bridge spans this creek, but the spectre of this murdered man remain.

Lebanon Road (download the .pdf)
Lebanon Road is home to the “7 Gates to Hell.” Are you brave enough to journey down this western Illinois road and find out if the stories are true? Be warned: some people believe this road is patrolled by Hell hounds!

Seventh Ave Dead End (download the .pdf)
The Seventh Avenue is home to a wailing woman dressed all in white who wanders the tracks just beyond the dead end, searching for her missing children. Join us as we scour this mysterious location for clues!

Shoe Factory Road (download the .pdf)
This old abandoned home attracted many legends, but it has recently been demolished. This issue contains some of the last pictures of the famed “stone house.”

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