Interview with Jane Carlson of Forgottonia Photography

Jane Carlson works in public radio and is a freelance writer and photographer. She was born and raised in western Illinois, and has lived there for the last decade. Her photography has been featured in “Midwest Gothic,” “Ninth Letter,” and other publications. For more information, visit Please tell our readers a little about yourself. […]

Interview with Nicky Peacock, Author of Bad Timing

Nicky Peacock is an English author in the UK. She writes both YA and adult: horror, urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She has been published in five countries: USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, and Canada and has had short stories included in 40 anthologies with over 17 publishers. Her latest book, Bad Timing, was released in […]

Interview with Actress Meyrick Murphy, of The Walking Dead and Chasing Ghosts

Meyrick Murphy is a young American film & television actress. Her work includes: Chasing Ghosts, The Walking Dead, The Novice, and A Belle For Christmas. In addition to being an actress, Meyrick wants to be an astrophysicist in the future. She loves to draw, loves Doctor Who, and is crazy for the works of Stan […]

Interview with Kathi Kresol, Author of Murder and Mayhem in Rockford, Illinois

Kathi Kresol has worked at the Rockford Public Library for years and loves sharing her enthusiasm for reading. She started teaching history using ghost stories when she homeschooled her children. Kathi loved the research and the ghost stories so much, she wanted to share them with the Rockford Community. Murder and Mayhem in Rockford, Illinois is […]

Interview with Jax Menez Atwell of Missing in Alaska

Jax has more than ten years of investigative experience in law enforcement agencies in Arizona and California.  His investigative law enforcement experience and training include under-cover operations, narcotics, SWAT, person and property crimes, etc.  Jax has been a private investigator since 2008 specializing in the hard to solve cases but also civilian, business and government […]