Squire’s Castle and its Phantasmal Light Show

[] The hollowed out shell of Squire’s Castle sits deep in the woods off River Road in the northeastern suburbs of Cleveland. This romantic, Medieval-looking stone edifice once served as a carriage or gate house for Standard Oil co-founder Feargus B. Squire. Squire intended to build a mansion at the site, but never finished his project. Since […]

Hidden Secrets of Skeleton Park

[] A long-lost cemetery, forgotten burial ground disturbed by a construction project, and mass graves are often the setting for horror stories. After all, most of us expect our mortal remains to lie peacefully in the ground, visited by relatives and loved ones. When those remains are disturbed, we imagine spirits of the departed to […]

Sylvan Beach Amusement Park’s Invisible Guests

[] Carnival rides, roller coasters, fun houses, arcades, sparkling lights on warm summer nights reflecting off the lake, these are the sights and sounds of Sylvan Beach on Oneida Lake in central New York. For over a century, vacationers flocked to Verona and Sylvan Beaches in the summer, leading the area to called the “Coney Island […]

Twisted Trempealeau County

Wisconsin is filled with majestic countryside, gargantuan farms, vast woods that sprawl for miles, and a hint of the strange and mysterious. Alright, maybe there is more than just a “hint” of the strange and unusual here, and that is what keeps me interested in many of the forgotten or hidden areas of this state. […]

The Curious Case of Wisconsin’s Lost Dauphin Park

Grazing the western banks of a meandering river in northeast Wisconsin lies a small, 19 acre, rather unassuming tract of land. Although founded as a state park in 1947, this quiet plot of land does not contain the natural wonders, observation towers, or monuments of other state parks. It doesn’t have cars lining up to […]