The Ruins of Millville and Charleston


[] In their heyday, the dual towns of Millville and Charleston in southeastern Arizona had a lawless reputation. Located on opposite sides of the San Pedro River, about nine miles southwest of Tombstone, Millville and Charleston were home to some of the Wild West’s most notorious figures. Outlaw Frank Stilwell, for example, once owned a […]

The Southwestern Ghost Town of Fairbank


[] A forgotten cemetery on a sun-baked hill in the desert, rattlesnakes coiled on an old wooden porch, and tumbleweed drifting through dusty, abandoned streets all bring to mind the quintessential southwestern ghost town. Located off State Route 82 along the San Pedro River in Cochise County, Arizona, Fairbank is just such a ghost town. […]

Fort Huachuca’s Sorrowful Specters


[] Fort Huachuca, located at the base of the Huachuca Mountains near Sierra Vista in southwest Arizona, has a storied history as a military outpost. Captain Samuel M. Whitside, at the command of two companies of the 6th Cavalry Regiment, created Camp Huachuca in March 1877 during the US campaign to suppress the Apache Indians. Since […]

Ghosts of the Grey Gold: Mineral Point, WI


Snuggled into the hills of Wisconsin’s southwestern corner, the small town of Mineral Point sits as a bit of a modern-day artistic haven. A heavy tourist town, Mineral Point’s streets are lined with art galleries and studios, craft workshops, and gourmet restaurants. Nineteenth century stone buildings house boutiques selling handbags, fine jewelry, and artisan meats […]

Bathtub Messiah: The Strange History of the Koreshan Unity


[] At the turn of the last century, deep in the pine flat woods of southeast Florida near the small village of Estero, a group of religious believers sought to build a new Jerusalem on the Gulf Coast. These followers of Dr. Cyrus Teed, called Koreshans, believed the earth and universe were contained within a […]


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