The Midwest is alive today still with such tales…


“In your hands you hold a bit of curiosity, a personal offering from me to you. Ever since I can remember, and probably even before that, I’ve been fascinated by the voices of the past. Folk tales and legends have always drawn me, rich in their language, mysterious in their telling and retelling. At a […]

Folk tales are where we live…


“That is how I ultimately see the stories in this book—as folk history. I can’t produce them in repeatable experiments, so they don’t qualify as science, and they are often too much at odds with known events of the past to qualify as official history. Sometimes the legends themselves vary in telling from one person […]

I am a believer…

“They were things I couldn’t explain away but none quite so compelling that I would attribute them to anything otherworldly. Then I started working in a haunted building. After several years of having my clothing tugged by unseen hands, hearing voices and footsteps when no one was around–and even seeing people who weren’t physically there–I […]

Do I know for a fact what they say happened really did transpire?


“Do I know for a fact that what they say happened really did transpire? In a word, no. I have ambled in after the fact, recorded their takes on the events and pass the stories along to you the reader. Does this make the story any less interesting or any less credible? I trust it […]

Everywhere you look nowadays there are ghost hunters…


“Everywhere you look nowadays there are ghost hunters. They’re on television, in the movies and storming the net in greater force day by day. We watch the shows, read the books, and listen to the legends, but what is it that we really want to do? We want to experience a haunting for ourselves. I […]


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