An English Ghost Story

By Nicky Peacock England is packed with ghosts. For such a small island we are crammed to the rafters with spooks, legends and beasts that lurk just beyond the shadows. And where I live is pretty much ghost central. Every pub, housing estate, forest, shop and road seems to have either a: mad monk, headless […]

Flashback Friday: Filming Headline News

On a summer day in 2011, I met director Willy Adkins and his cast and crew at an office building in DeKalb, Illinois. We were there to film Headline News, a horror short based on a story I had written for my book Six Tales of Terror. Jason Sullivan adapted my story into a script. All […]

The Midwest is alive today still with such tales…

“In your hands you hold a bit of curiosity, a personal offering from me to you. Ever since I can remember, and probably even before that, I’ve been fascinated by the voices of the past. Folk tales and legends have always drawn me, rich in their language, mysterious in their telling and retelling. At a […]

Flashback Friday: Tales of Coles County at Lake Land College

This October, I thought it might be fun to take our readers on a trip down memory lane. I started doing talks on the legends and lore of Illinois in 2007, and since then, I’ve been lucky to have attended many great events, meeting a lot of interesting folks in the process. On February 12, […]

Download The Legend of Pemberton Hall by Michael Kleen

Pemberton Hall is the oldest all-female dormitory in the state of Illinois, and its ivy covered walls are home to one of the most famous ghost stories in Illinois—the legend of Mary Hawkins. Her ghost is said to roam the hundred-year-old building, protecting the young women who reside within. This popular campus legend greets many […]