The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 14


[] With the paved road nearly out of sight, Mike, Davin, Aurelia, Emmet, and their new companion Emily strolled up the dirt trail toward the summit of a small hill. Fallow cornfields flanked them on both sides, and a stand of trees obscured the brick building at the end of the trail. Wind whipped across […]

The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 13


[] When the Fallen stepped across the threshold into Monk’s Castle in Lemont, Illinois, they had no idea where the inky, swirling portal would send them, or for how long. The thrill of discovery compelled them forward. After a few moments, the astral portal violently deposited Mike, Greg, Aurelia, and Davin into the forest preserve […]

The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 12


[] Mike, Greg, Aurelia, and Davin stood near their rusted Toyota Corolla under the arching sign that greeted visitors to St. James of the Sag Church and Cemetery in the southwestern Chicago suburbs. A foot of thick, pillowy snow covered the ground. Mike folded his arms across his chest, his black leather trench coat making […]

The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 11


[] “I’m glad more of you decided to join me this time,” Mike said to Greg, Aurelia, and Emmet at the top of a hill south of Olney, Illinois, “considering what happened at that abandoned farmhouse near Cuba Road last month.” “I’m only here because I want to see you humiliate yourself again,” Emmet chuckled. […]

The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 10


[] Alexi “Wildchild” Laiho’s inarticulate shrieks reverberated around the cabin of the dark blue Toyota Corolla. Aurelia registered her disapproval of the music with a loud groan while Mike swerved onto a darkened side street off Cuba Road in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. “Turn this crap off,” Aurelia demanded as she reached for […]


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