The “Capital City Killings” Part 2: Conspiracy or Cover Up?


[] Continued from Part 1… On March 27, 1979, a local woman named Julie Speerschneider mysteriously vanished without a trace. Witnesses stated they saw her at the 602 Club, which is a bar located on University Avenue in Madison. Later that night she called a friend and told them that she would be right over, […]

The “Capital City Killings” Part 1: Campus Coeds


[] Madison, Wisconsin is filled with energy, people from all walks of life, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is the capital for the state of Wisconsin. From the college, to the local taverns, many people flood the sidewalks and shops and other areas. With such a lively, bustling city, it is easy to overlook the […]

Lavender Lily of Traverse Road


“Thoughts of dread, Filled her head, Denied of repair, She walked in despair, Until finally the thoughts, Drifting through her got, To be so severe, We lost the poor dear, Now they say, That she chose to stay, Pretty ghost girl, when will you rest, All the children think it’d be best” poem by: Priscilla […]

Twisted Trempealeau County


Wisconsin is filled with majestic countryside, gargantuan farms, vast woods that sprawl for miles, and a hint of the strange and mysterious. Alright, maybe there is more than just a “hint” of the strange and unusual here, and that is what keeps me interested in many of the forgotten or hidden areas of this state. […]

The Secrets of the Soo Line Bridge


[] If you ever feel like taking a nice, peaceful stroll while listening to the wind in the trees and the gentle lapping of water, the Soo Line Bridge is a superb location. It is near downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin and actually across from another reportedly haunted location, which is the old Uniroyal Tire Factory. […]


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