Mysterious Heartland is a direct decedent of trueillinoishaunts.com. Our website went online in December 2008 and for nearly five years provided information, interviews, news, and more about the legends and lore of Illinois. After all those years, however, we felt it was time to expand our geographic boundaries.

At Mysterious Heartland, we are fascinated by the odd and unknown. Our website will focus on unsolved mysteries, true crime, ghost stories, folklore, and books and movies about those topics. It is for everyone in the American heartland who is interested in learning more about the places, history, and events that make our hometowns unique.

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M_Kleen_TrueillinoishauntsOur Editor: Michael Kleen

Michael Kleen is an author, local historian, and raconteur. He holds a MS in Education from Western Illinois University and a MA in History and BA in Philosophy from Eastern Illinois University. He has written several books, including Haunting Illinois: A Tourist’s Guide…, Tales of Coles County, and Paranormal Illinois. His articles and short stories have appeared in publications and anthologies such as The Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, Historic Illinois, KILTER, Mythos, and more. He currently resides in Rockford, Illinois where he owns Black Oak Media, Inc.

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