Interview with Nicky Peacock, Author of Bad Timing

Nicky Peacock is an English author in the UK. She writes both YA and adult: horror, urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She has been published in five countries: USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, and Canada and has had short stories included in 40 anthologies with over 17 publishers. Her latest book, Bad Timing, was released in December 2015.

What draws you to the supernatural fiction genre? As your writing evolves, how have you brought your unique perspective to the genre?

I’ve always loved the weird and wonderful. Ordinary life really just doesn’t do it for me – I mean, I’m currently living in it, why would I want to read about it? When I read, I want to read fantastical stories that tickle my dark little imagination – and I also want to write them.

I think my writing style is very movie-like. I love action and always inject movie-esque action scenes into my books. I hopefully create characters that have real flaws and positive traits that readers can get behind.

What surprises await the reader in your latest installment in the Battle of the Undead series, Bad Timing?

LOL, no spoilers here – that would ruin it! But there are more villains, more action, a hell of a lot more zombies and a cross continent race against time.

How has the character of Britannia changed since Bad Blood? What challenges will she face in this new novel?

Britannia is quite a strong character and I honestly find it quite difficult to change her too much – she simply won’t bend to my writer’s will, even though I am her creator! She does start to soften a little in Bad Timing, although she does do some questionable things too. The main challenge that faces her is the one that has always faced her – playing well with others.

Having spent so much time alone, she finds it difficult to be part of a team. On the flip side though she is incredibly protective of the people she loves and would rather it be her in the firing line than them. It’s a bit of an emotional balancing act.

Your novellas Bad Blood and Bad Timing are set in a universe in which vampires are trying to protect their food source (humans) from zombies. How did you develop this unique premise? How has it changed over the course of two novels?

It really developed from my need as a reader to read this story. I thought that it was so obvious to have vampires fighting zombies that there was bound to be a book out there that did it. But there really wasn’t. Sure, there are urban fantasies that include zombies and vampires together – but not in a kind of zombie apocalypse environment.

The premise changes slightly in Bad Timing, although there is a new villain in there, the main evil presence is timing. Britannia has some terrible timing in this one and has to make some hard choices to save the people she loves.

Can we expect a third installment in the series? Where do you plan to take these characters?

Traitors_GateThere’s a prequel to the series called Traitors’ Gate, coming out end of Feb 2016 which takes the reader back in time to see how a key relationship affected everything. I’m currently also working on the third book entitled Bad Karma. The characters are going to finally get their ending – but whether it’s happy or not is another matter!

I’ve also started a new series called The Twisted and Brave through Evernight Teen. The first book in this series, Lost in Wonderland comes out April 2016.

How can our readers get in touch with you if they want to know more about your books, short stories, or other writing?

I’m pretty much everywhere! Please find links below. I love hearing from readers, so feel free to leave messages for me on my blog and Facebook page.

Blog: Twitter: YA Facebook Page: UK Amazon Author Page: US Amazon Author page: Good Reads: Pinterest: Tumblr: Authorgraph: Google +:


  1. Thank you for the interview! Nicx


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