Illinois’ Decade of Lost Legends

Demolished in Illinois[] Since 2007, Illinois has lost at least seven destinations popular with legend trippers. Later this year, Peoria State Hospital’s Bowen Building will join this unfortunate list. Each of these locations was a historic building in Illinois, and each was home to popular legends and ghost stories. We very much regret the loss of these irreplaceable landmarks, and hope steps are taken to preserve other historic buildings for future generations to enjoy.

While legend trippers and people interested in folklore and ghost stories are sometimes blamed for causing these buildings to fall into disrepair, nothing could be further from the truth. We want these buildings to remain so we can continue to appreciate their history and the rich lore that grows up around them. In some cases, the history of these locations would have been forgotten had it not been for public interest in their legends and lore.

Fans of Ashmore Estates outside Ashmore, Illinois, for example, have banded together and rescued the building from destruction after two different storms severely damaged it.

Here is a partial list of allegedly haunted locations demolished or destroyed in Illinois over the past decade. Know of any others? Please leave a comment.

  • Lindbergh School on Shoe Factory Road in Hoffman Estates (Demolished, 2007)
  • Sacred Heart Chapel at Barat College in Lake Forest (Demolished, 2008)
  • Coliseum Ballroom Antique Mall in Benld (Destroyed in fire, 2011)
  • Sunset Haven outside Carbondale (Demolished, 2013)
  • Manteno State Hospital’s Morgan Cottage in Manteno (Demolished, 2015)
  • Mennonite Hospital/Electrolux in Bloomington (Demolished, 2015)
  • White Hall at Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul (Demolished, 2015)
  • Peoria State Hospital’s Bowen Building in Bartonville (Demolition pending, 2016)

For a list of endangered Illinois’ endangered landmarks, please visit Landmarks Illinois.

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  1. […] building began in October 2015 and has proceeded in stages. White Hall has unfortunately joined the growing list of Illinois landmarks torn down over the past 10 […]


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