R.I.P. Files to Appear on NBCUniversal International Networks

rip-filesAccording to an announcement on their website, Singapore-based production/distribution agency, Bomanbridge Media, announced a deal with NBC Universal International Networks (NBCU) for Pan-Asian broadcast for the paranormal investigative series R.I.P. Files (Seasons 1 & 2). R.I.P. Files features a cast of five intrepid characters, including author Amelia Cotter.

The R.I.P. Files follows paranormal detectives, based in Washington DC, who use their psychic abilities and deep knowledge of metaphysical techniques to interact with the entities they encounter at haunted locations. These investigators encourage the spirits to share their stories in their own words through EVPs and other evidence.

Making new discoveries that push the boundaries of paranormal research even further, the investigators find themselves compelled to examine the effects of their activities on their own lives, on the lives of those around them, and on the spirits themselves.

On Facebook, cast member Mark C. Higgins wrote, “I am both happy & proud to announce that Season 1 & 2 of The RIP Files has been picked up by NBC Universal International for broadcast in their Asian Market. Our show will air in English in Singapore, Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan & Hong Kong!”

“This is a defining moment for our show as it is being well received by networks around the world & we are looking forward for this journey to grow and continue. I want to thank everyone who has supported me and the show along the way. It means the world to me!”

We are looking forward to hearing more about the new show and will post updates as they happen.

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