Alcatraz Island’s Erring Story

By Amber Clark

Although San Francisco is undoubtedly one of the most enthralling cities of USA, it also has its own share of spooky adventures. For instance, an infamous Alcatraz Island is also a site notorious for ghost sightings. Did you know, Alcatraz Island, which was once upon a time a famous Jailhouse, is now known as one of the most haunted places in America?

Alcatraz Island has been home to some of the most hardcore prisoners of America, including ‘Al Capone’ and the ‘Birdman’. It is now, however, open to tourists for adventure and entertainment purpose. In fact, there are many local tour companies that provide Alcatraz Island tours to fetch Alcatraz adventure.

Like everybody else, a teaching assistant Sheila Sillery-Walsh was also on one of these Alcatraz SF tours while she captured a creepy image of a girl lurking in the dark prison cells on the island.  The exact spot where the photo was taken was at Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. She just casually stopped to take a picture of the vacant window. However, when she saw the photo one her iPhone, she was amused to see this dark female figure in the picture. Ironically, there wasn’t anyone standing there when the photo was taken.

Ms. Sheila Sillery-Walsh was touring this particular island with her partner, Mr Paul Rice, who too was taken aback by this strange snapshot. Firstly, he thought it was Sheila’s own reflection. But when looked at the photo deeply, the hair and clothes of the woman are from a different time altogether.

Not everyone working on Alcatraz Island will approve or reveal such paranormal activities at the prison; however, let truth be told, reports such as this does create a bit of an adventure and curiosity in our minds and hearts.

Besides the ghostly-lurking girl story, there are many other odd events and activities taking place on the island. Guards selling smokes, but finding no fire; sounds of crying and moaning; unexplainable cold spots on the island are just a few to mention. Quite unarguably, Alcatraz Island has all the flawless ingredients to become a domiciliary for ghostly and tormented events. It has a deadly combination of three things: fear, confinement and suffering.

Reports of screams, crying, banging of doors, and, similar disturbing events, are inevitable. As a matter of fact, Alcatraz is supposedly known to be the last stop before entering Hell, and, therefore, it is also sometimes called as Hellcatraz.

Alcatraz Island is open round the year for its tourists. The visits happen during the day and night. Of course, night trips create a better adventure than day trips. Also keep in mind the tickets for the ferry and entry, which are usually hard to buy at the last minute.

Since the island gains massive attention worldwide for its adventures, fetching tickets on last days could be challenging. There have been incidences when tourists have had to cancel their trip to the island due to sold out tickets. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy tickets well in advance to avoid disappointments.

Amber Clark is a travel and adventure blogger. After relocating, she has lived in San Francisco for four years. She has been writing for more than a decade, covering an array of travel and feature topics for various blogs and magazines.


  1. KT Jonas says:

    I was disappointed you did not show the picture you wrote about in this article…


  2. I truly believe that place is really haunted…the picture itself says it all.


  3. sharona61 says:

    I scrolled down to see the photograph and much to my chagrin, it wasn’t included! Big bummer. I have to go and see if I can find it elsewhere now. : (


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