Body Found in Arkansas Woods Believed to be Missing Woman

[] Pine Bluff, Arkansas is a city of around 45,000 nestled along the Arkansas River. It is home to the Pine Bluff Arsenal, a key US Army installation for defense against chemical/biological weapons, and was the scene of a brief Civil War battle around the town square in 1863.

On October 8, 2015, 23-year-old Maranda Goldman, a brown-eyed young woman with curly, dark brown hair, wearing a light blue t-shirt and blue jean shorts, went to the Goodwill Store on 28th Avenue to fill out a job application. She was never heard from again.

Investigators fear a body found in a wooded area northeast of the intersection of 38th and Ohio streets may belong to Maranda Goldman.

Maranda Goldman

Around 4:30 pm, Maranda left the Goodwill and headed for her car. She told her family the interview went well, but later, Goodwill employees claimed the interview never happened.

Concerned family members found Maranda’s car in the Goodwill parking lot. After several days without hearing from her daughter, Sandy Goldman knew something was wrong. “It’s been over four days, going on five, I’ve never went one day without Maranda contacting me,” she told THV Channel 11 News. “No matter what kind of trouble or anything that she was in, good, bad or ugly, she always contacted me.”

Though local police had little to go on, they did not rule out foul play. Now, family members’ worst fears may be confirmed.

In early November, police received an anonymous tip that a body had been discovered in a wooded area northeast of the intersection of 38th and Ohio streets. At around 8:30am, police found the decomposed body of a Caucasian female in the woods. The crime scene is approximately 2.4 miles from the Goodwill parking lot.

Because of decomposition, the body could not be immediately identified and had to be sent to the to the state crime lab for positive identification. Police told THV Channel 11 News there was no obvious indication of how she died.

Until the results come back, family and friends will continue to hold out hope for Maranda’s return.

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