Car Found in Michigan Pond Solves Decade-Old Mystery

According to Heidi Fenton of, police removed a Chevy Corsica from a small pond in Byron Center, Michigan on November 10th. The car, which had been submerged for some time, was registered to Davie Niles, a 67-year-old Wyoming man who disappeared in October 2006. Police found a body in the front driver’s seat. An undated satellite image of the pond shows something submerged in the water.

According to Fenton, “Police said the car likely had been in the pond, next to Cook Funeral & Cremation Services on 84th Street, for almost 10 years. Identification found inside with a man’s skeletal remains matched that of a missing person in 2006, Kent County Sheriff’s Lt. Ron Gates said.”

Fenton says workers installing Christmas lights on a pine tree for nearby Cook Funeral & Cremation Services noticed the roof of what they thought might be a car. The funeral home is located on 84th Street in Byron Center, Michigan. “They had been using machinery to reach the top of the tall tree and were looking down,” she wrote. “A Kent County sheriff’s deputy was dispatched and verified the finding.”

Check out her two articles (with photos) here:
License plate on car pulled from pond after nearly 10 years matches missing person bulletin
Body found in submerged car may be man missing almost 10 years

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