The Spirits of Detroit – A Fun Adventure

DSC01310 (2)Detroit, Michigan has always fascinated us. A once-prosperous Midwestern city, Detroit  experienced social and economic collapse on an unprecedented scale. While this itself has spawned legends and ghost stories, the Motor City has a variety of lore dating back to the days of the American Indians. In 2013, Addovolt Productions, a Chicago-based independent film production company led by writer-director Derek Quint, produced a short documentary on the legends and ghost stories of Motown called The Spirits of Detroit.

The Spirits of Detroit is filmed in docudrama-style. A narrator tells the history and ghost stories, while actors and actresses portray the narrated events. The music is creepy and adds to the overall atmosphere of the short film. The narrator tells 5-6 legends from different periods of Detroit’s history. You can watch the entire documentary on YouTube. It is narrated by Chris Chavez and features original music compositions by Chad Nini.

“For a long time, I had wanted to do a project centered around Detroit and, on the other hand, I also wanted to do something along the lines of those paranormal documentaries that I enjoy watching on TV,” said Quint, “so I decided to do a short paranormal documentary about Detroit.  My aim was to make something fun, informative, and easy to watch, like an old episode of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’.  I grew up hearing and reading about Detroit ghosts and urban myths.  You can find all kinds of weird stories about this area.”

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  1. joanne smith says:

    Very interesting short documentary. If I ever get to travel America, which is my dream, Detroit is one place I would definitely visit for a ghost hunt!!


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