Everywhere you look nowadays there are ghost hunters…

“Everywhere you look nowadays there are ghost hunters. They’re on television, in the movies and storming the net in greater force day by day. We watch the shows, read the books, and listen to the legends, but what is it that we really want to do? We want to experience a haunting for ourselves. I personally have been investigating the paranormal for over a decade… Since I have been in Paranormal, Inc., getting to the locations has not been that difficult—oftentimes we are directly contacted by places to come out and visit them. As an individual/amateur ghost hunter, though, this is not usually the case. It is often quite difficult for the beginning investigator to get out into the field to begin researching and investigating the paranormal.”

–Rich Newman, The Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide (2011)



  1. paragirlproductions1 says:

    True that, but people who call themselves “ghost hunters” are only doing it for the thrill, however.. We paranormal investigators try and get to the bottom of happenings, try to figure out the truth and some day… Prove, but I’m a firm believer that no matter what I get, whether it’s a full blown apparition caught on camera or not, the only proof we will have of the afterlife is when we die ourselves x


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