Ashmore Estates Damaged by Second Storm

[] On Sunday, June 7, 2015, a powerful storm tore through eastern Coles County, Illinois, home to Ashmore Estates. The former almshouse and hospital for the developmentally disabled was directly in the storm’s path and sustained heavy damage to its new roof. The damage included a total loss to the portion of the roof over the 1980 addition. This is the second storm to damage the building. In January 2013, a storm demolished the roof and covered porches, which the current owner, Robbin Terry, had made progress in repairing. According to Terry, “I met with a roofer yesterday and he agreed with my suspicions that the roof on both buildings was basically sucked up by a vacuum from the wind.

Built in 1916, Ashmore Estates served as an almshouse and hospital for the developmentally disabled until it was ultimately abandoned in 1986. It then went through a series of owners, until Scott Kelley purchased the building in 2006 and opened it as a commercial haunted house. Since then, it has appeared on several television shows, including Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, as well as documentaries like Children of the Grave 2. Robbin Terry purchased the building in 2014.

“We have already started the cleanup process and putting together material lists,” he told us. “We were able to salvage about a third of the roof the original structure last June. The roof on the addition is a total loss. The cost to repair and replace will exceed over $10,000.” Despite the setback, Terry refuses to give up on the building. “It’s tough but I want to keep that building standing,” he said. There’s something about it that just moves you emotionally and won’t let go. It’s like seeing your best friend having a medical issue, you just have to feel sorry for it. Maybe it’s the sad reasons people were there or how they were neglected but there’s something there. When I spend a weekend there working I really hate leaving.”

Brad Klinge, formerly of Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab, has set up a Gofundme account to raise money for repairs to the building. “Every penny of these donations go directly to the rebuilding of Ashmore Estates after the storm this past weekend,” he wrote. “We have a ways to go to reach our goal, so push this out to as many people as you can. Let’s dress this old girl up again.” Check out the page and contribute at this link.

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