Interview with Wolf McKinney, Star of Sister of the Wolf

Wolf McKinney is a musician, songwriter, actor, producer, and directer. After spending most of his life in music, acting and producing films came as a natural progression. In only a short time he has landed movie and TV roles and has directed two short films with Breaking Fate Entertainment.

Please tell our readers a little about where you grew up and how your background influenced your interest in heavy metal, horror films, and the paranormal?

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. And I think a part of where I’m from has influenced anything I’ve attempted in music and film. I guess it’s in my attitude. A massive enthusiasm for anything I put my mind to. Plugging away in music all those years, not giving up, sure it has my roots embedded. Now surviving the gauntlet of film and TV, you have to have a certain confidence about yourself to even stand out sometimes. Especially when there is a massive amount of talented people out there going for the same brass ring.

As a kid, people I grew up around people who were harsh and cruel sometimes. Always out to rip on me for anything I wanted to do. Though I was a kid, I knew I was better than the no account dick heads that surrounded me. But life is like that anyway.

The paranormal thing has been something of a deep and passionate part of my life for years. Since I started ghost hunting ten years ago, I’ve experience quite a few moments that solidified my belief in life after death. Sometimes my ways of getting through to some of those ghosts and spirits are a bit unorthodox. Hell some people might consider what I do a bit disrespectful. But knowing how these were people at one time and I’m sure their egos are still intact, they will respond in some way or another. A few examples is partial possession, being slapped, scratched, threaten to being ripped in half on an evp. Etc.

Maybe I’m dumb in some sense, but any kind of response to me is a good thing. As I’ve gotten older, the thought of those ghosts and spirits waiting for me when I die, will be something of ethereal ass kicking. Ha Ha!

Wolf McKinney, Star of Sister of the Wolf

Wolf McKinney, Star of Sister of the Wolf

What do you feel is the relationship between these three interests? Do you think there is a common strain that attracts fans, and why is it so appealing?

The darker side of our imaginations. Ages of music, stories, and plays dealt with the those common subjects. Even in the bible stories of mass murder, an all consuming fire, and a jealous God to perpetuate our fears, has been the motive. Same as when we watch slasher movies, read Stephen King, or listen to Cannibal Corpse. We’re creatures of interest. And our interests has always pointed to the darker side of life.

What is the premise behind your film Sister of the Wolf, and what roles do you play? Do you find it difficult to balance both roles as executive producer and actor?

The story is about this guy who has this warped sense of justice. All of it derided of the depraved way he and his sister had to grow up. It culminates into a blood bath. I don’t want to give too much away. Hahahaha! I play the lead character. I guess I’m a perfect fit when it comes to what I just described.

Having in been in this field for short time, I’ve realized it’s the same kind of pressure, creativity, and egos I’ve had to deal with in music. Balancing everything out has been a skill I had to learn the hard way. But I am very excited to get this ball rolling and see what comes of it.

Let’s talk about your musical work. What instrument do you play? What was your most memorable live performance?

I’ve been playing music since I was fourteen. I started playing guitar when I was nine, but really got serious years later when I heard Ozzy Osbourne’s song “I Don’t Know”. When I was twenty I made the switch to bass so I could join this band Sterling Onyxx. After that I jammed with Deacon, Withdrawal, InSpiteOfYou, Bloodstream Parade. Since Bloodstream Parade split, I’ve been in total writing mode. Since March of 2014, I’ve written over 120 songs. My plans for this year is put my own unit together.

Memorable live performance? There has been a lot to choose from. I’ve been lucky to share the stage with many of the greats. Hatebreed, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Crowbar, Anthrax, Disturbed, D.R.I. Obituary,etc. But the one moment that stands out is getting the chance to open for one of my favorite bands, Mercyful Fate. 1500 people packing the Metro and all of them digging what we were playing.

What do you think about Chicago’s “dark culture” (metal/horror/paranormal) scene? What do you think can be done to bring more positive attention to that scene and bring people with those interests together?

A dark culture? Hmmmm, I would love see something like that. Unfortunately, there is no scene to speak of. I was around when there was a scene of underground music and film. Sadly, too many egos have destroyed it. The paranormal has suffered the same fate. Since the popularity of a couple of TV shows, it seems a few are doing it for the wrong reasons. I recall a few people I got investigate with in the past who did nothing but insult other ghost hunting groups. I’m not down with that. I like the exchange of ideas, evidence, and experiences. As oppose to someone beating their chest and acting like a douche bag. I have no use for them.

If any kind of scene is to survive, you need unity. Music, film, paranormal, ETC. First off it’s the passion. If you don’t have it, go on your way. If you’re going to half ass it, get out of my face. Personally, I have little patience for them.

How can our readers get in touch with you if they would like to know more about your film projects, ghost hunts, or music?

The best way to get hold of me is the usual social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, and

Sorry guys, this page is copyright, 2015. You do not have permission to copy this for any reason. Please learn how to cite your work. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are courtesy of Wolf McKinney.


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