January 2015 issue of Bumps in the Night!!! is now available!

Bumps in the Night!!!This year has flown by so fast it’s hard to believe it’s gone.  This has been a busier year than normal for us and we are excited for what 2015 will bring.  We hope that 2014 was as good to you as it was us.

In December we started the training for the new members we added, Ira, Joan, and James.  The training will continue into January and February. We are always looking for dedicated, hard working, and passionate people to add to the team as either Case Managers, Investigators, and Researchers to assist us with client cases and events.  To learn more about team membership go to our site Membership page.

We are gearing up for the 2015 Paranormal Lecture Series as well.  We kick off 2015 with a presentation in February in Antioch.  We have already added several programs to the calendar in 2015, but still have open dates left if you know of someone that is interested

In the January 2015 issue of the “Bumps in the Night!!!!” newsletter we will discuss some of the above items as well as other information.  In this issue we are introducing two new columns, see below, and includes:

  • Paranormal U article Non-Human Entities
  • Famous Haunts featuring McRaven Home, Vicksburg, MS
  • TnT Paranormal Asks featuring Gavin Kelly from Phantasmic Ghost Hunters
  • Tools of the Trade article Nerd Gun (aka Oscilloscope device)
  • Ask TnT Paranormal with a question on What makes a good team?
  • Paranormal Corner by Chad Stambaugh
  • Investigator Spotlight featuring Investigator in Training, Joan Camper

Disclaimer:  Click here to see the disclaimer for Bumps in the Night!!!!  This disclaimer governs the use of the newsletter and by reading this newsletter, you accept this disclaimer in full.

Readers are encouraged and welcome to submit content for the Ask TnT Paranormal, Ghostly Believe it or Not, and What’s on Your Mind columns. So let us know if you have information you would like to have included, melissa@tntparanormal.com. Also, feel free to print the newsletter, pass along to your friends and family, or have them email me to sign-up for the newsletter.

I know we have a lot going on, but we are always on the lookout of new cases, of either the client variety or for fun.  If you know of such a place and/or you or someone you know is in need of assistance with some paranormal concerns, feel free to contact us.  We would love to hear your ideas and/or learn more on the activity being experienced.

We would also like to invite you to become a member of our website (www.tntparanormal.com) and following us on Facebook (TnT Paranormal Investigators; https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/146712678732927/) or twitter (@TnTParanormal). Please note membership to all three sites is free!

That’s it for this issue.  We hope to see you on the site, Facebook, at a library program, or other event.

Best regards,

Melissa Tanner
Founder and Lead Investigator
TnT Paranormal Investigators LLC

Twitter: @TnTParanormal (https://twitter.com/TnTParanormal)
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TnTParanormal/
Facebook Team Page: https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/TnTParanormalInvestigators

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