Exorcism after Black Mass at the Civic Center Music Hall

300px-Messenoire[MysteriousHeartland.com] On Sunday, Sept. 21, members of the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu Syndicate, a Satanic sect led by Adam Daniels, performed a black mass in the Civic Center Music Hall’s CitySpace Theatre in Oklahoma City. 42 people were in attendance. Prior to the event, the Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma put out a statement that read, in part:

On Sunday, Sept. 21, a local satanic sect apparently will be allowed to conduct a public act of blasphemy in the form of a so-called black mass at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City. In spite of an overwhelming outcry of alarm from around the world, our city leaders will allow this outrage to take place in a publicly supported facility. They will not accede to the reasonable requests of local citizens to stop this outright mockery of the Catholic Mass nor the reasonable concerns of so many that this satanic ritual invokes powers of evil and invites them into our community.

Even though our city leaders apparently do not take this threat seriously, I do. As a Catholic priest and bishop I have witnessed in my ministry the battle between forces of good and evil in both ordinary and extraordinary ways. It is not merely a struggle rooted in human weakness and ignorance, though these are certainly the source of much suffering and mayhem in our lives and in our world. Demonic activity and the chaotic forces of evil are very real…

Hundreds protested outside the Civic Center as the black mass was performed. Someone called in a bomb threat and one woman was arrested after she knelt in front of an entrance to the Civic Center and refused to leave, but it was otherwise uneventful.

According to The Oklahoman, Roman Catholic Archbishop Paul S. Coakley and a priest performed “prayers of exorcism” to rid the Civic Center Music Hall of evil spirits that may have lingered there after the satanic “black mass.” Adam Daniels defended his group’s performance, telling the newspaper, “I find it hilarious how over- responsive he’s being to all of this. As I said before, it (black mass) is a deprogramming ritual to cast Christianity out of people. All they (the archdiocese) care about is their religious freedom and not anybody else’s.”

After, Archbishop Paul Coakley posted the following statement on the Archdiocese website: “From the beginning, we have taken seriously the dark and dangerous spirits being invited into our community. We anticipated this would be a concern for those visiting the Civic Center, and we’ve received many questions about the safety of the building following the satanic ritual. To address those concerns, we visited the venue the next morning to pray prayers of exorcism over the place and to pray the prayers for cleansing.”

It is difficult to imagine that the black mass, alongside the national press coverage of the event, has not tarnished the reputation of Oklahoma City’s Civic Center.

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