Eerie Laughter in the Mess Hall of Kemper Military Academy

Chasing Shadows by Larry WilsonFrom Chasing Shadows by Larry Wilson.

Paul and the two team members from St. Louis decided to set up our base for the investigation in the old mess hall of the barracks. While they were doing this, Gary and I started setting up surveillance cameras in the kitchen and a stairwell that led up to the second floor. The kitchen was in a separate room from the mess hall, and where we were, it was probably 75 to 100 feet from where the other team members were setting up base camp.

After about 30 minutes, as Gary and I were finishing setting up our cameras in the kitchen, we heard a woman’s voice coming from the mess hall. She was talking loudly and laughing. I said to Gary, “Who’s the woman that Paul and the guys are talking to? Did the lady from the city come back already?”

“I don’t know,” Gary replied, “but I wonder what’s so funny.”

Then I said, jokingly, “I don’t know, Gary, but it’s just like Paul to find a girl and hold out on us so he can have all the fun!”

Gary replied, “Let’s finish setting up this last camera then go see who is here. We need to tell them to tone it down so our video cameras don’t pick up their conversations.”

Gary and I finished setting up the cameras and then headed back to the mess hall to see who the lady was. When we walked into the hall, Paul and the two investigators were setting up equipment on a table, but no one else was in the room. I asked Paul, “Paul, did the lady from the city come back?”

“No,” he replied, “why?”

“Well,” Gary demanded, “who was the girl that you guys were talking to and what was so funny?”

“There’s been no one else here but the three of us,” Paul replied. “Why do you think there was a girl here?”

We explained that both Gary and I had clearly heard a conversation and the laughter of a woman that seemed to be coming from the mess hall. Her voice was loud and she seemed to be having fun. Paul again assured us that no one else was there but the five of us and that they had not heard the voice or laughter of a woman. Unfortunately, at the time Gary and I heard the voice, our equipment was not recording yet because we were still setting up. Due to this occurrence, and so as to not miss out on possible evidence again, I now turn on a recorder and carry it with me as soon as I enter a location.

Gary and I began to wonder if we had heard the voice of the female who was murdered in the kitchen at the hands of her former boyfriend. I mean, who else would haunt this area of the building and why? This experience was definitely one of the weirdest experiences that I have had as a paranormal investigator. It would have been one thing if I was the only one to hear the female voice, but it is quite another when you have a witness who heard the same thing!

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  1. That is fascinating! I wish the laughter had been recorded.


  2. On any investigation we do, the first peice of equipment we throw down is the audio recorder. The goal for any paranormal group SHOULD be to capture as much audio and video as possible, you never know what you’re missing without audio being recorded while you set up your other equipment…


  3. James Herring says:

    First off; it is not Kemper Military Academy. It is Kemper Military School and College. We did not wear KMA brass, but KMS brass. Second; the female ghost was not murdered in the mess hall, but on the back, on the track, near the West Parade Field. Also, she was a New Cadet. While she may have had some affection for the school, only those who may have been Old Boys and attended more than 1 year would haunt those hallow halls. The people that were shot and killed in the Mess Hall were not cadets but employees of the school.

    I attended Kemper for 6 years; I am a third generation Old Boy. Did things happen there when I was there? Yes. Is Kemper haunted? Most assuredly.

    I find it interesting that they got the name wrong of the place they were investigating, and yet knew about the murdered female cadet, but not where. Has any of these investigators actually talked to anyone who attended the school and witnessed anything weird going on?


  4. Rudy Dracka says:

    I was a cadet at Kemper 55-58 , “C” Company, top . floor of D Barracks. Yes we reported something walking round, more the once.


  5. Audrey M says:

    I LOVE James’ answer. I was also a student there and saw unexplained things. I whole heartedly believe that campus is occupied by energies beyond the living realm.

    I also find it interesting how inaccurate the details of the school are.


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