Five Teens Charged with Trespassing in New York, Media Blames “Ghost Hunters”

WIVB Channel 4 News in Perrysburg, New York is reporting that five young adults, ages 16 to 20, have been arrested for trespassing at the JN Adam Memorial Hospital complex, a former tuberculosis sanatorium in far western New York State south of Buffalo.

The JN Adam complex was designed by architect John H. Coxhead in grand Greek Revival style, with red brick and impressive white columns. It was completed in the early 1910s and transitioned into a facility for the treatment of the developmentally disabled in the 1960s. It has been abandoned since 1995, left to vandals, curiosity seekers, and urban explorers.

The five young adults who were arrested for trespassing, two males age 20 and three females, two 17 and one 16 years old, were also caught in the possession of pills and pot. Police ambushed them as they were returning to their car.

The hospital complex is surrounded by 500 acres of forest, and police have stepped up patrols there ever since they arrested 9 other people for trespassing there in July. They were also young adults, ages 18 through 21.

The news article refers to both groups as “ghost hunters,” and no doubt that will be repeated again and again in the retelling of the story. It is more likely they were just teens looking for a cheap thrill, but paranormal investigators will once again get a bad rap.

What do you think? Should incidences of trespassing at abandoned buildings be blamed on ‘ghost hunters’? Vote in our poll and share this story with your friends!

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