Mysterious Growls at Black Moon Manor

Echoes from the Grave by Larry WilsonFrom Echoes from the Grave by Larry Wilson.

After the tour was finished, we went outside to unpack our equipment and Matt headed down to his camper trailer. We decided to use the kitchen area in the one story portion of the house as our base of operation. It was still daylight out, but with the windows boarded up and no electricity, we needed to use flashlights to see what we were doing. It was not long before we had both audio and video up and running and we were set to start the investigation.

It was decided that to start out, we would split up into teams of two in order to cover more of the house, then later would investigate as a group. Jay and Chris would investigate the first floor while Jamie and I would venture down to the basement.

Like I mentioned before, there was something about this particular basement that gave off a weird vibe, and it was not merely the fact that it was a basement. I have investigated many a basement over the years, and not all basements are creepy or give off strange vibes like this one did. The only rational explanation that I could come up with for the feeling the way that I did was possibly due to some type of residual energy left over from the high number of suffering people and deaths caused by the smallpox epidemic of 1892.

As Jamie and I were exploring the basement, we suddenly heard a loud growling or roar. It was a definitely some type of a guttural animal sound. It did not sound human at all, it sounded like a cross between a big cat and the roar that you would expect to hear a creature in an old horror movie make. I immediately said to Jamie, “Did you hear that?” Jamie acknowledged that he had but said that he thought that it was probably either Jay or Chris playing around upstairs. Knowing the professionalism of Jay and Chris, I doubted that they would intentionally make a sound like that during an investigation, knowing that we had audio and video equipment recording. But just in case they had, I headed back upstairs ready to tell them to knock it off, as they were contaminating our evidence by horsing around.

When I got to the top of the stairs and headed into the parlor area, Jay and Chris were coming towards me. I said in a sort of perturbed voice, “Did you guys hear that loud growling sound?” Half expecting them to break out laughing, knowing that they had fooled me, they both yelled out in a very excited tone, “Yeah, we thought that it was you guys!”

“No,” I said, “we thought it was you guys playing around!” Chris and Jay both described the sound exactly the same as what Jaime and I had heard, a guttural roar or growling sound that you might expect to hear from a mountain lion or some type of inhuman beast. We remembered that Matt had talked about how other groups had heard the sound of growling coming from the cistern area and from the cistern as well. The sound that we heard was coming from inside the house. When we had first arrived that afternoon, and were looking around the house, we had made a point to check for wires and hidden speakers knowing that the place had once been a haunted attraction. It was not that we did not trust Matt, because I believe that he is pretty straight forward, but when any place is claimed to be haunted we always check out all possibilities and I can tell you that we did not find any equipment that would account for what we had just heard.

The growling was recorded by my video camera in the basement and by two audio recorders upstairs. One picked up the growling in the parlor and the other in Rachel’s room from the second floor. Only the middle section of the house has basement area under it. We also had recorders in the area where the cistern is located that did not record the growling. So by triangulating between the location of the two recorders that captured the growling sound and the video camera, which also recorded the sound, and add to that the fact that Chris and Jay were in a room between the cistern and the parlor when they physically heard the growling, we can surmise that the growling probably came from the parlor. This was the only time that we would hear or record the growling.

Around 11:00pm, we took a break outside to get some fresh air. While we were outside, Chris Mason decided to take a few random photos of Jay, Jamie, and I. After taking three photos, Chris noticed that in all three of the photos, there was a large orb above my head.

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  1. That is something. Not unlike phenomenon I’ve picked up on my own EVP recordings.


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