Top 10 Most Haunted Colleges in the Midwest

Leaving home and going to college for the first time can be a very exciting and scary experience, especially if your college shares its campus with the otherworldly and unseen. Almost every college and university has at least one legend or ghost story, but which can lay claim to the title of most haunted? After much debate, Mysterious Heartland brings you the Top 10 Most Haunted Colleges and Universities in the Midwest! Note: Many of these schools have open campuses, but please be mindful of visiting hours.

10. Northwest Missouri State University

Maryville, Missouri

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsNorthwest Missouri State University was founded in 1905 as a teachers college, and was originally known as Fifth District Normal School. Its Administration Building has suffered several accidents. It was struck by a tornado in 1919 and a fire destroyed most of its west wing, central wing, and auditorium in 1979. It was a different accident, however, that gave rise to Northwest Missouri State’s most enduring legend. On April 28, 1951, a gas tank exploded outside Roberta Hall (then unimaginatively known as Residence Hall). The fireball blew out many windows and injured several students. Roberta Steel received third degree burns over most of her body, and lingered for several months before she died. According to A.S. Mott, in his book Haunted Schools: Ghost Stories & Strange Tales, students began to hear sad piano music coming from an empty room in the basement. Roberta has also physically manifested, appearing as a shadow or a figure in a window. In one incident, she disturbed two coeds as they slept. Roberta Hall is named in her honor.

9. Michigan State University

East Lansing, Michigan

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsWith nearly 48,000 students, Michigan State University is the ninth-largest university in the United States in terms of enrollment and is one of the top public research universities in the country. It is also known for its collegiate sports teams, collectively called the Spartans. While administrators are hesitant to discuss it, for the past several decades students have shared stories of a ghost named “Bill,” who haunts the Wharton Center for the Performing Arts. Bill is considered to be a protective presence, and is rumored to be the ghost of a student who was beaten to death in the early 1980s. Objects move, doors open and close, and lights turn on and off of their own accord. According to Cynthia Thuma and Catherine Lower in their book Creepy Colleges and Haunted Universities, one student who saw “Bill” described him wearing a white button down shirt and black cotton pants.

8. Millikin University

Decatur, Illinois

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsMillikin University began its career with great fanfare. Named after the man who bankrolled the school, James Millikin, it opened in 1903 and was dedicated by Teddy Roosevelt. Classes begin on September 15 of that year. Its numerous ghost stories have their origins early on it its history. One story, involving the light of a long-deceased railroad crossing watchman named Tommy, has been told on campus since the 1930s. The old gymnasium, now used primarily as a storage area, is the scene of echoes from days gone by. According to Troy Taylor, students have heard the sounds of sports being played while alone in the abandoned gym. Aston Hall, formerly an all-female dorm, is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a young woman named Bernice who committed suicide there in 1927. She roams the third floor, and only her upper body is visible.

7. Marquette University

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsMarquette University was founded in 1881 as a Jesuit, Roman Catholic university and named after 17th Century missionary and explorer Father Jacques Marquette. It is situated near the heart of Milwaukee. Johnston Hall is the oldest academic building at Marquette and was reportedly built over an American Indian settlement (some say over a burial ground). It was originally used as a home for Marquette’s Jesuit professors, and a priest allegedly hung himself in his room on the fifth floor. The ghosts of children haunt other parts of campus. Glenn Humphrey Hall, a student apartment complex, was originally the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Marquette University acquired it in 1988, and since that time, students have reportedly heard screaming children. On the fifth floor, the ghost of a young girl has been seen, but she is shy and vanishes when approached. “Whispering Willie,” a boy who drowned in the pool when East Hall was home to the YMCA, haunts that building.

6. St. Olaf College

Northfield, Minnesota

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsNamed after the Patron Saint of Norway, King Olaf II, St. Olaf College was founded in 1874 by Lutheran Norwegian immigrants. Its scenic campus is home to two buildings on the National Register of Historic Places: Old Main and Steensland Library. The college is also known for its scholarship on Danish existentialist philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. Throughout its history, St. Olaf College has embraced its otherworldly residents. In 1887, the college newspaper, The Manitou Messenger, even reported that two ghosts were seen gliding through the upper floor of Ladies Hall. Most of the ghostly activity at St. Olaf centers on Ytterboe Hall. Originally called the Boys Dormitory, it was built in 1900 on what was reputed to be sacred Indian land. Professor Halvor Ytterboe died attempting to disinfect the hall with formaldehyde during a scarlet fever outbreak. The hall was later named in his honor, and his ghost is said to dwell there. In Thorson Hall, a young woman awoke one night to hear a child screaming. After checking with the other residents, she learned she was the only one who heard the strange cries.

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5. Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsFounded in 1858 as Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, the college’s name was changed to Iowa State University of Science and Technology in 1959. It is a large public university with a student population of over 33,000. While known for its degree programs in agriculture, engineering, and science, ISU is also home to less rational elements.

Fisher Theater is said to be haunted by the ghost of Frederica Shattuck. Her contributions to the theater department led to Shattuck Theater being named after her. Shattuck Theater was later torn down, and according to Cynthia Thuma and Catherine Lower’s book Creepy Colleges and Haunted Universities, Shattuck’s ghost moved to Fisher Theater. Students hear disembodied voices, and a wheelchair that belonged to Shattuck reportedly moves on its own.

The Farm House Museum is supposed to be haunted by the ghosts of two sisters, while low moans are heard in Gold Star Hall. Gold Star Hall memorializes ISU students who died in service. One woman, Hortense Elizabeth Wind, became a Red Cross nurse in WW1. Now, staff say her ghost is the origin of strange sounds in the memorial.

4. University of Notre Dame

South Bend, Indiana

Photo by Michael Fernandes and courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsThe University of Notre Dame was founded in 1842 by Father Edward Sorin, a Catholic priest, and was an all-male institution until 1972. Notre Dame is famous for its football team, the Fighting Irish. It was this athletic legacy that gave birth to the university’s most enduring legends. In 1920, George “The Gipper” Gipp was selected as Notre Dame’s first All-American football player. Unfortunately, he died of a streptococcal throat infection at the age of 25 on December 14, 1920.

Students say the ghost of Gipp still haunts his old room in Washington Hall, which is now home to the university’s drama club. Poltergeist activity has also been encountered there. In addition to props falling and music playing on its own, one janitor saw an elderly, balding man who asked him to help open a window before vanishing. According to legend, the ghosts of American Indians roam the ground around Columbus Hall, which was built on land formerly owned by the Potawatomi.

3. Benedictine University

Lisle, Illinois

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsBenedictine University is a private, Catholic university with a student population of around 5,000. Its current campus was built in 1901 at the beginning of the Edwardian era, after having been located on the Lower West Side of Chicago since 1887. Originally known as St. Procopius College, it changed its name to Illinois Benedictine College in 1971 and then to Benedictine University in 1996. Students at the college believe its imposing halls, woods, and cemetery are haunted by tortured ghosts. They speak of rituals in the woods where a woman’s body was once discovered, and of the death of a student who committed suicide by lying in the street. Lake Saint Benedict, a swampy, kidney-shaped slough next to the cemetery, only adds to this atmosphere.

According to both Ursula Bielski and Dale Kaczmarek, several students have attempted to contact the ghost of a former monk via Ouija Board, with disastrous results. A young lady living in Neuzil Residence Hall, for instance, blamed a séance gone wrong for a fire that started in her room, and several boys were scared witless after they brought a Ouija Board to the cemetery. These events took place during the early 1990s as the school entered its second century in operation.

2. Ripon College

Ripon, Wisconsin

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsRipon College is a small liberal arts college with a student population of only 930. It was founded in 1851, and has a number of notable alumni, including Harrison Ford. For such a small school, Ripon has more than its fair share of resident spirits. Oddly enough, most of these ghosts have manifested as auditory phenomenon. On one occasion, an injured football player got an unwelcome interruption as he lay down to rest in Room 104 of Brockway Hall. Phantom knocks brought him to the door three times. Each time, he discovered no one there. Another football player heard his name being called and awoke to see a gray figure.

In Hughes House, a group of freshman girls heard wailing coming from the upper floor and saw shadows moving around. One of the most well-known campus ghosts is that of Raphael. He began to make his presence known after a fire in the Red Barn Theater in 1964. He also manifests with footsteps, wails, and other strange sounds.

1. Kenyon College

Gambier, Ohio

Photo by Austin Godber and courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsFounded in 1824, Kenyon College in Gambier is the oldest private college in Ohio. In 2010, it was named one of the most beautiful colleges in the world by Forbes Magazine for its stunning Gothic revival architecture and picturesque campus. Kenyon College also has more ghosts per capita than any other school in the Midwest. One of the most notable hauntings occurs at Old Kenyon Dorm, which burned down in 1949. Old Kenyon was originally built in 1827, making it one of the oldest Gothic revival buildings in the United States. The legless ghosts of nine students who died in the fire are said to haunt the first floor, while a Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity pledge who died during his initiation has been seen on the fourth floor. According to legend, that student was struck and killed by a train on October 28, 1905, and appears in a window on the fourth floor on the anniversary of his death.

According to Haunted Ohio by Chris Woodyard, there are no less than seven other haunted buildings on campus, including Norton Hall, Lewis Hall, Manning Hall, Caples Hall, Werthheimer Hall, Shaffer Hall, and Hill Theater. Hill Theater is thought to be haunted by the ghosts of two people who died in a drunk driving accident. Poltergeist activity has been reported in Lewis Hall, which is blamed on a student who allegedly committed suicide there. Various other ghosts are said to appear throughout campus, making Kenyon College a very haunted place!


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  1. As an Alumni of Ripon College, I can attest to many, many strange things. Though not believing in *spirits* before attending my mind was changed after the years I attended Ripon.

    I lived in Mapes Hall. While living on the 3rd Floor, I had a stereo that had a remote control. On many multiple occasions I was awakened in the middle of the night with my stereo blasting at nearly full volume. The stereo was no where near any windows or mirrors to reflect any infrared signals. After awhile I made a point of having the remote next to my bed to assist in these instances. (And it happened more than a couple of times when I had…ahem….*visitors*)

    Also, during my Freshman year I was coming home late after a shift bartending and could look directly into the windows of 3rd Floor Mapes. I came home well after bar time. (At the time I lived in Brockway Hall and it was at least 3:15 am) As I looked up, I saw a dark figure looking out the window of the 3rd Floor. I looked up, saw the figure, briefly looked away, looked back, and it was gone. I also got quite a cold chill like I’d never experienced before looking at the figure. Being that I had friends that lived there at the time, I came by to visit the next day. I noticed that where I had seen the figure the night before, in the upper part of the window, it was much too *tall* to fit in the place I had seen it. It just didn’t make any sense.

    In Mapes Hall I also heard (as did many others) doors slamming for no reason and others claimed seeing a dark figure walking around the dorm. We “affectionately” started calling it the *Dark Walker* Being in touch with people in my frat since, the stories go on.

    There is also the story of a young bride that died in a carriage accident that came to the door of a local resident stating that she and her new husband were in an accident and that she needed help. The person (local) turned to grab the phone to call for help, turned around and the woman in the wedding dress was gone. One last thing, Ripon College is bordered by a cemetery right next to the college grounds. Are people spooked/wary due to continued stories by the people there before them…Perhaps. But I saw and experienced what I did and I can tell you…It was a strange time at Ripon sometimes and I experienced what I did. Take it as you will.

  2. I spent 4 years @ Ripon college and never once had any type of weird experience like what is described in the article or the comment above. But I’m also not scared of the dark….ever. Your mileage may vary.

  3. As an Alumni of Millikin University and one who has researched a lot of the hauntings, I’m afraid your information about the suicide of Bernice in Aston Hall is incorrect. She took her life on Feb 1st, 1927. It was also nationally covered in the February 14th issue of Time Magazine, because it was the 8th suicide of a collegiate student that year. Just some info.

  4. I’m surprised UW-Whitewater didn’t make the list considering it’s known as the ‘second Salem’ with its huge Wicken history.

  5. I went to Millikin U as well- and lived on the 4th floor of Astor when it was an all girls dorm. That place was freaking scary.

  6. Nicole Tito says:

    The information regarding Benedictine University is a bit off as well. The infamous building where the supposed seance took place was in Kohlbeck Hall, which has been a fire training site in the past years. The most well known building was Ben Hall, but has been knocked down in 2006 and now lies a parking garage.

    As a former student, the onsite cemetery adds to the creepy factor. My apartment window faced it every night. The former monks and abbots are buried here. There is also mysterious talk about tunnels running underneath the campus to the Abbey across the street. I have never been in them, but have been told where they are on campus and it appears that it is true, but they are no longer used.

  7. Suzanne Deranek says:

    Sorry, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in Winona, Minnesota has a long, storied history of the Ghost of Heffron Hall – a priest who shot a bishop while he was saying mass. Here is the link to a well researched 8 part piece on our beloved ghost!


  8. Codi Gail says:

    University of Central Missouri actually has an entire floor closed off in one of their halls because it is so haunted.

  9. Peru State College (Nebraska’s oldest existing college) also has many ghostly stories considering the rural setting and historical information, You should check it out!

  10. I lived in the top floor of Aston Hall in 1996-97 and experienced two incidents and the girls in the next dorm room experienced two incidents. In our room the ghost put her cold hands on my roommate while we were going to sleep. She also opened our entertainment center doors and moved a bottle around on the shelf while my roommate and I watched. Next door CD cases flew around the room once and a commencement gown was moved from one side of the room to the other while the girls were present. The events were infrequent and freaky but those dorm rooms were coveted because of their enormous size and walk in closets.

  11. Emily Sheeks says:

    Hi there! As an alumna of Ripon College I never personally had any paranormal encounters, but heard plenty of fishy stories from many friends. P.S. Just wanted to note that there’s an ‘t’ that doesn’t belong in Ripon in the 3rd sentence. Thanks!

    • Oops, sorry about that! Thanks for the heads up

      • Emily Sheeks says:

        Thanks a lot! I also happen to work for my alma mater and travel for them quite a bit as well. When people are speaking it’s actually fairly common that they pronounce it “Ripton.” No idea why, but you’re definitely not alone in adding the extra consonant!

  12. Another Millikin grad here, from the theater department. I can confirm the gym ghost(s), as I worked many late nights in the scenic department and dance studios housed in the old gym. After a while I got used to the sounds they made, and it was actually quite comforting in a way to know they were there. Another ghost not mentioned is the infamous “Rail Girl” in the Albert Taylor Theatre in Shilling Hall. Named for the balcony, or “light rail” now used for technical aspects of the productions there, she has been heard running and even giggling upstairs in addition to being held responsible for any technical difficulties that occur during a show. A number of students (myself included) have even caught brief glimpses of her in the dark backstage. A gift of candy is traditionally left out for her to ensure a smooth show.

  13. I was told that if you stood between the stone gates to Kenyon’s south campus next to the church for all 12 gongs of the midnight church bell, your soul was fair game for the demons beneath the “Gates to Hell”. I worked student security and safety for three years at Kenyon and tried to make it to the gates at midnight on full moons and Friday 13ths to see if anyone would show. In those years I saw many stand between the gates (often underclassmen in the fall) while the bell tolled, but never saw anyone stay put for all 12 gongs. Oatmeal ’94.

  14. Nathan E. Kuhlman says:

    Saint Olaf: what a shame, then, that Ytt was bulldozed and buried in a hole, to the greater glory of a garbage baron. Speech-theater building absolutely haunted, without a doubt. Not all the haints are from long ago, some from last century such as the Thorson ghost, reported independently in exact detail by no fewer than five people living there. Not a bad idea to wear a crucifix round your neck, might come in handy. stolaf is not an evil place, but it is a sensitized spot and is accessible on multiple existential planes. Not by accident.

    • I can personally attest to the haunting of St. Olaf. My sophomore year my friends and I “gained” access to the extensive network of tunnels running beneath the campus. We were attempting to find a way between Ytterboe and Thorson halls. When we finally emerged from the labyrinth into Thorson that evening we were all surprised to see someone standing at the end of the hall looking at us. He appeared to be a student but as we began to walk towards him, he simply turned and walked through the wall! Needless to say we were a little freaked out. When we told people about the encounter they informed us that we had just met one of the most famous of St. Olaf’s ghosts, The Red Hat Boy. To this day whenever I visit the campus I always make a stop by Thorson to say hi, but I have never seen him again.

  15. I’m currently at Marquette University, and there are loads of stories from a various buildings not mentioned in the article (which is accurate, or at least shares variations on current stories). If you’re a student now, just ask some of the DPS officers who have been here awhile! They have a ton of stories to tell — especially about Humphrey Hall and the ghost children who have been caught by the Emergency Room entrance (which is still marked in the garage!).
    Here are some other stories:

    Mashuda Hall: A former hotel where the Beatles once stopped in, is thought to have some evil activity on the top floor. Supposedly, in one of the rooms, the residents started having things moved off their walls and woke up with scratch marks. After this repeatedly happening, they asked for an investigation. After no help, one of the girls ended up committing suicide. While closed off for a short time after, the year they allowed residents back in the room, only to have similar occurrences, ending in another suicide. After that, they performed an exorcism on the room, and it has sense been locked off. It still has an alarm lock on the door you can see from the hallway!

    Cobeen Hall: Cobeen, which also used to be a hotel, has an “art critic”, who has been hanging around for awhile now (my sister who graduated years ago remembers the stories of him). It’s a man who died while staying at the hotel, and now his spirit will go around and tear down posters or artwork he doesn’t like. Whether true or not, at least it’s a fun excuse for when your sticky tape isn’t holding anything up!

    Carpenter Tower: Another former hotel, it has the burn victim. The hotel caught fire, and a young boy was trapped inside and died. Now every 9 years (?? I could be wrong on that number) on the date of the fire, a boy can be seen crying from the window.

    Helfaer Theater: A man who had a heart attack in Studio 13 still hangs out. Apparently he is helpful, though, and will help set up props or find lost items for crew and cast members!

    Johnston Hall: The variation of this one is that, instead of hanging, two priest jumped from the top floor because they both realized they were gay. This one is, of course, a bit more salacious, so take it as you will. Either way, 5th floor Johnston is creepy as heck.

  16. You’re probably right that every college has some ghostly tale on it’s campus somewhere. The Haunted History series that was on the History Channel off and on talked about the time a couple of administrators were on an elevator in Pennsylvania Hall at Gettysburg College which mysteriously took them to the basement which was a storage area but they found it to be haunted by, what else? a scene from the Civil War that historically was used as an army hospital where they commonly amputated wounded limbs.
    At the University of Iowa in Currier Hall, there is a residential room that is closed off permanently. It was the scene of a triple suicide of three women who discovered they had been dating the same gentleman. Too many disturbances have been associated with it so it’s no longer used and kept locked.

  17. Teresa Morrissey says:

    So why are all these locations in the Midwest?

    • … Because that’s the focus of my website…

      • I don’t attend a haunted college but my house has a lot of paranormal activity. Every friend I’ve ever brought over has left my place a believer of spirits. I think the scariest thing that happened to me was when i was having a nightmare one night (I suffer from night terrors). It was about my door slamming and when I jumped up to leave my room screaming some sort of heavy force would slam into my wall repeatedly while my door was viciously opening and closing and then my body would be dragged back to my bed. This nightmare was a loop and it felt like I spent hours reliving it getting worse and more violent each time it replayed. I finally woke up in a cold sweat and looked at the time. It was 3:00am exactly. I felt something put weight on my leg so I closed my eyes trying to ignore it. Suddenly I hear my door open. Thinking it was my mom I open my eyes excited to see her…and then I see a black figure peeking it’s head around the corner of the doorway pushing my door open with one arm. I stare trying to keep calm. Then my door slams and continues doing this about 3 times. I am freaking out at this point that my nightmare is real right in front of me. I try to scream but nothing comes out so I gain about every ounce of courage I have left in me, jump up, and scream to my sisters room. The second my body leaves my room I hear a loud slam hit the side of my wall. As I jumped into her bed I was crying and she got me under the covers and said “shhh mallory! It likes to do this to you because you are scared! Be quiet, calm down or else it’ll come here.” I know she’s right so I lay my head down and i can see my door from my sisters room. It opens a crack by itself and me and her hear the loudest whispering echo from my room to hers. That was probably the longest night of my life. Still gives me chills…

  18. my son went to Siena Heights in Adrian, mi. they have underground hallways that connect to almost every building. the students use them to get to where ever without facing the winter cold. they look like catacombs! I was in these passageways and I felt very creepy and uneasy. they are said to be haunted, and they are very cold and dismal. one day in his dorm room a room mate woke up in the middle of the night screaming and sweating bullets. he said a nun was hovering over him just floating and watching. this is a Catholic university, hence the nun and catacombs. his room mate was on the top bunk, so no way a nun could have really been there. he changed rooms the next day. strange.

  19. hello, its not a college but a prep school in faribault, mn, Shattuck st. marys, has all kinds of strange goings-on. the most common one is a ghost bulldog that runs the halls of one of the buildings

  20. The information for Iowa State University is incorrect. Hortense Wind was NOT a nurse but a naval dietician. She died while serving in a naval hospital during the flu epidemic in 1918-1919.

  21. I am a Michigan Alumnus and worked at the Wharton Center for two years as an usher and I never heard of “Bill”, never saw anything strange and the description of the ghost is exactly the uniform of an usher, just add the bow tie. So I am skeptical about this claim.

  22. You should come to Scotland. It’s full of haunted places.

  23. Earthbound spirits are to be pitied if you ask me. They either don’t know they dead or they DO know they are dead and refuse to move into the next realm due to stubborn connection to people or places, (maybe they LOVE their home and don’t want to leave it), or fear of the unknown. Some are just miserable in real life and they carried it over to the next level, which is still connected to earth. Perhaps they refused to leave even at the urging of their own loved ones who already passed over.

  24. I will forever be stymied by the thought of WHY any spirit would want to remain in the realm closest to earth when they can move into “the light” which is a much better place, and a steeping stone to the higher realms. I want to be with those “Beings of Light”, not stuck here om earth, her yet not really living a full spiritual life.

  25. Eww.. excuse my typos.. LOL

  26. I’ve been to Kenyon College, and if I’d known it was this haunted, I might have applied there! At the moment I’m at Ohio State, and I just wrote an article on its own haunted history. Pretty amazing stuff.

  27. Um…I was born and raised in Ames, IA, I graduated from Iowa State University there, and my father was a tenured professor. No one ever thought anything in that place was haunted. Creepiest things you will find are the animal specimens saved in formaldehyde jars in the veterinary college…and their smell. Ugh.

    The only moans you’ll ever hear on campus are the engineering students dragging themselves out of bed the morning after a huge party. Which, now that I think about it, was Saturday through Monday.

    But if you want spooky, there’s always the multiple suicides who flung themselves off The Towers dorms. Four ugly white mini-skyscrapers packed to the gills with stressed out students is the perfect scene for disaster. The had to tear The Towers down (but they said it was because the buildings were falling apart). I recall some legendary parties in that place.

    The Towers being imploded:

    • Wow, you must not have spent much time studying if you spoke with every single person who ever attended ISU to learn that none of them thought any of the buildings on campus were haunted.

      • Aww, you poor thing. Just another victim of the heavy historical marketing ISU does to try and stay interesting. They’ll do anything to attract new paying students. They’re like Fox News in an election year.

  28. I pretty sure there is a lot more school with unseen guest walking around. I kind ain to stuff like this thanks for the info

  29. Interesting Blog! This took a lot of research. Thanks for sharing!

  30. not going to any of them!!!!!

  31. I wanna go to a haunted school. lol

  32. Wow, I really loved this post. I will be traveling in the Midwest this summer and am going to make a point to stop at a few of these places! Thank you for this valuable bit of information ;-)

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  34. Speaking from experience, Kenyon’s campus makes for a great halloween party!

  35. Wow, these sound like some very spooky experiences. Never seen anything ghostly or paranormal, but found your post a fascinating read. Great to read about all these stories and places.

  36. My husband attended Milikin and has some eerie accounts of Bernice as well as creepy happenings in the old gym.

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  38. The top 10 most haunted colleges was shocking! It’s crazy because my sister goes to Benedictine and my cousin goes to Rippin and they have never told me any horror stories. I am going ask them and see what they say. I go to Saint Mary’s and trust me this school is haunted. Check out these crazy stories a student wrote about ( they are so true, there are ghosts here.

  39. Good.

  40. Cool list! The only thing that could have made it better would have been if my alma mater, Western Kentucky University, had been included (it was featured on Ghosthunters)!

  41. Very interesting! I love stories of the supernatural. I enjoyed reading this.

  42. glad to see Iowa State made the cut–ha.

  43. i m really shock,how u know all the infos

  44. Interesting piece. I attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I’m glad to see that it didn’t make the list. I would like to congratulate you for making it into Freshly Pressed.

  45. This is great! I am very interested in the paranormal and have a few stories of my own… but good stuff here.
    Wish someone else created a list like this for East Coast colleges too!

  46. interesting!!!!!!! congrats on being freshly pressed.

  47. Haunted with beautiful memories I could say :)

  48. mentalrespawn says:

    I would love to take pictures at these places… If I wasn’t such a pussy :c

  49. This is a great read. Thank you

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    Pretty surprised my school didn’t make an appearance on this list. Mary Sibley deserves her fifteen minutes of fame! My favorite thing about Lindenwood is the abundance of History with every turn. I’m just waiting for the day that Ghost Adventures decides to to visit.

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    Congrats on your FP! Awesome story, and I am excited to read future posts of yours.

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  53. University of Colorado, Boulder!
    We have a secret tunnel system running under the campus; several dorms purportedly used as morgues; tragic deaths over the years all over campus; flickering lights; a couple of old murders!

  54. Fascinating stories! As someone who likes ghost stories, I enjoyed this post very much.

  55. I love supernatural blog posts! Thanks for this great read!

  56. audrahurley says:

    what about NSU in Tahlequah, OK? I go to school there and conducted a paranormal investigation on Wilson Hall with the school news team. I’m going to write a post about it on my blog. Check it out:

  57. Those are great stories; I enjoyed them! When navigating the offbeat and oft winding path to the unknown, most people focus on creaky old houses, abandoned cemeteries, and former prisons or mental hospitals. That’s good, I suppose, but nearly every college and university has a haunted history and stories
    waiting to be told–and offten, very spooky stories. Thanks again
    for sharing some of them!

  58. super COOL :)

  59. very interesting read. I really enjoyed reading this blog. Thanks for sharing :)

  60. Wow! MSU has a ghost named “Bill”?? Never heard of it! Interesting post!

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  63. I’m pretty excited to see Ripon College on here! I just started my freshman year a few weeks ago. I live in Tri-Dorms on the first floor, and I can see the cemetery from my window. I’m not one to jump to conclusions easily, but it WOULD be pretty cool to have a paranormal experience. The only strange event I’ve had is frequently waking up at (exactly) 3am for no reason. That’s not even paranormal, that’s just my internal-clock being a jerk.

  64. msuprincesskatie says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention anything about West Circle complex at Michigan State. I graduated from MSU last year & worked 3 years for Maintenance & Facilities . I have caught footage of flying orbs in the Rec Room in the basement of Williams. Co-workers have reported to see a man dressed in a black top hat & suit also lurking in the basement. One student worker staying in Williams for the summer woke up in the middle of the night to loud rustling noises in the room. He assumed his roommate was getting home & saw him getting ready for bed so he went back to sleep. The next morning he mentioned to his roommate how loud he was when he came home & the roommate said he was already in bed & also was woken up by the noise & thought it was him walking around. Mayo Hall supposedly has had satanic rituals held in the attic, often called the “Red Room”. Some co-workers & I went up to check it out, but did not find anything to suggest as such. When the building was being remodeled in 2008/2009 the portrait of Mary Mayo had to be taken down to allow renovations in the lobby. Many of my co-workers & bosses reported that the fire alarms would go off repeatedly at unscheduled times until her portrait was hung back up on the wall. I have also heard stories about “The Purple Lady” in Campbell Hall from students & coworkers. There is one room on the third floor that will occasionally fill with an old rose perfume. We were taking break last summer in there when the room was suddenly filled with the smell followed by knocks on the walls. Everyone swore they didn’t do it & we were the only people on that side of the hall. I have also seen a dark shadow figure walk past towards the room. My best friend & co-worker was alone one day keying open all the rooms & putting check lists on the doors for maintenance. After she finished, the last door opened slammed shut followed by the next all the way down the hall producing a domino effect. Needless to say she ran out of there as fast as she could!


  1. […] article was recently released on the top ten most haunted colleges in the Midwest, and Kenyon crushed all competition, sliding […]

  2. […] St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn. was just named the sixth most-haunted campus in the Midwest, according to the website Mysterious Heartland. […]

  3. […] Marquette University is said to be one of the most haunted colleges in the Midwest. A portion of the present-day student housing complex used to be a children’s hospital, and students have reported hearing and seeing children’s ghosts. (Source) […]

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