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An abandoned building and a few unanswered questions…

“Thusly, folklore becomes intimately connected with the tragic and macabre as a way of transmitting information about unfortunate events far beyond the actual events themselves. Inevitably, a new generation grows up and stories involving strange noises, sightings, and phantoms surround the location of the tragedy; although, unless it had been particularly well known, most people cannot recall why the location is so terrifying beyond the ghost stories themselves. After a long period of time (apparently ten or fifteen years will suffice under the right conditions) the stories become so convoluted that people actually begin to believe a killer hung heads from the gates of St. Francis Boy’s Camp, or that a headless horseman stalks the banks of LaKey Creek. But many times, it is not necessary for anything extraordinary to have happened at all. An abandoned building and a few unanswered questions are enough to get most people’s imagination racing.”

- Michael Kleen, Paranormal Illinois

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