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Cassidy O’Connor Discusses Her New Book, Diaries of the Dark Side


Cassidy O’Connor is the author of the new book, Diaries of the Dark Side, released July 20 by Black Oak Media. Diaries of the Dark Side is a memoir of one family’s battle with dark forces and the woman who never gave up on them. Were you born and raised in western New York? What […]

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Ghostly Game #8: Zombies!


This is a good party game that requires a lot of participation, but very little setup. Ingredients 6-12 friends. Instructions Everyone gathers in the same room and appoints a referee. With the player’s eyes closed, the referee will appoint one person to be a zombie by lightly tapping him or her on the shoulder. At […]

The Devil in the White City Tour Hosted by Richard Crowe!


Announcing a special luxury coach tour of Chicago’s “The Devil in the White City” Locals! Chicago ’s original ghostlore and folklore tour operator [Richard Crowe] now offers a NEW tour of sites associated with the World’s Fair of 1893, it’s creator Daniel Burnham, and the diabolical serial killer of the period, H.H. Holmes. Sure to […]

Flashback: Vishnu Springs


As the heavy thump of boots rained down on the stairs above their heads, Davin felt Misa’s teeth press against his neck near his jugular vein, and he tugged on Greg’s shirt. At first, Greg brushed him off, but sensing his friend’s urgency, he turned his head just in time to see what was happening […]

Paranormal 101: Haunted Schools


In these posts, I will provide a list of books I think anyone interested in the paranormal would benefit from reading. Each list will be arranged by topic and will be accompanied by some notes of my own. Enjoy! Barefoot, Daniel W. Haunted Halls of Ivy: Ghosts of Southern Colleges and Universities. John F. Blair, […]


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