Pictures from Inside Chanute Air Base

Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul was a vital part of the east-central Illinois economy for nearly 76 years. After its closure in 1993, much of the base was divided up into residential and commercial properties, but most of the core buildings have sat abandoned for 16 years. Inevitably, locals exploring this part of the base have begun to bring home stories of phantom airmen and other strange encounters.

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The Stairs Outside of White Hall

The Stairs Outside of White Hall

A Falcon Statue in the Park

A Falcon Statue in the Park

Does an Officer's Ghost Haunt This Hall?

Does an Officer's Ghost Haunt This Hall?

The Old Sports Arena

The Old Sports Arena


  1. back in the late 1970’s around Christmas time – a young husband and father OSI officer was killed on base. the airforce claimed it to be a suicide – but the particulars of the case etc point to some thing else entirely. look into the case of Daniel Guyton and you tell me – was it suicide? I dont think so. I would love to see what was actually and factually written regarding his death. I bet he is still wandering the base looking for justice. I know what was told at the time – and every story was different as to mode, location, position, placement etc. you cannot shoot yourself twice in the chest with a shotgun zipped under your coat, your boots and mittens on and your hands on the dashboard – the guy was barely over 5 foot tall. his neck, and jaw were broken and he had extensive scratches and abrasions on his hands he had taken a beating and gave as good as he got. why would an honor guard be sent to a hometown funeral home with orders not to leave the body at any time. why was the family notified by local police and not untill weeks had passed and fbi posted outside the home and the phone tapped.. why was the obit run first in upstate NY long before the family on LI notified? go look it up if you dare. it chills me to this day. where was his partner and the other personal items he always kept with him missing. check it out

  2. mccreary says:

    Did this event occur prior to 1977? My father was a senior OSI Agent at Chanute from 1977 to 1980. There were no reported incidents of that description on base during the time period my family was stationed at CAFB. Of course, there were many matters never discussed, or “to be repeated”, between my parents,however, I’m sure something would have “leaked” out should there have been such an incident on the base while we lived there. This is especially so if it involved an OSI agent as there were very few in number stationed at CAFB. By the way, there was no agent by the name of Guyton working on Chanute between 1977 and 1980 as I recall all the agents names during that time as most,if not all, came to our house for meals,holiday celebrations etc. at one time or the other.

  3. i ‘m 32 years old and i always loved giong to the airforce bace to see the planes and the history what will they do with the hospital is it going to go like the others i like to see if they can remodel it and to take tour so the people that we young can view the photos also.please i’d like that .

    to all of thesoldies
    you are not forgotton

  4. Paul Hoiland says:

    I can think of at least one person who never left that base whole, at least, in spirit and mind. There was a undocumented case in 1980 of a run in with the Demonic on that base involving myself and about 6 others. The person that paid dearly for facing down that kind of Darkness was my wife at the time Lynn. But I can testify that everyone of us involved in that incident paid dearly for trying to battle something we where not prepared at the time to battle. Might look up what history there is on occult groups operating out of Champaign during that time period and about some classified experiments with remot viewing back in it’s heydays.

    There are spirit’s that walk that base. In fact, one I managed to hear on a short You-tube video I think is the spirit of Lynn, still trapped there along with the thing we once fought there. I have heard all sorts of stories over the years about what used to be on those grounds before the Military set up a base there from old Indian grounds,etc. As for other’s trapped there from the past it would explain the odd energy that place has.

  5. My friends and i visited the old abandoned hospital that sits on one part of the base. and it is definitely creepy. someone had hung a doll baby from a second floor window, and there was a chalkboard with names of people who had visited. there was also a bloody hand print on the wall. we had cell phones and lighters to light our way. we were young and thoroughly freaked out by the time we entered, due to the fact that we were trespassing already. it did feel that some type of presence was there. some type of heavy feeling in my chest. and i can remember getting left by my friends who had run in fear of getting caught, and feeling something touch the back of my neck. it gave me goosebumps. but i turned around and nothing was there. so, it was probably just me getting myself freaked out. we swear upon leaving that we saw a figure on the top floor cross a window, but again that could have been our own minds playing tricks. i lived fairly close to the area in south pointe commons, and went to school near there for junior high. but ive never gotten any proof of this being haunted. im very interested to know if it is.

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